Wednesday, March 4, 2015

2015 Social Security Blogger Awards – Who are the Nominees?

If (and only if) you are a security blogger, you can vote HERE. Voting ends March 16. The following judges provided the nominations: Ericka Chickowski, George Hulme, Kelly Jackson-Higgins (Dark Reading), Illena Armstrong (SC Magazine) and Eleanor Dallaway (InfoSecurity Magazine) and Rich Mogull. 

The most exciting part is that AlienVault has been nominated for Best Corporate Security Blog! 

Here are the categories and nominees for each category:
Most Entertaining Security Blog Graham Cluley Sense Security Blog Security Blog Uncorked Shackleford Blog

Most Educational Security Blog Internet StormCast Now Deeplinks blog Litan's blog Hunt Security Ledger Williams blog violet Security/Rob Graham

Best New Security Blog or Podcast Waterson on Security blog: Zulfikar Ramazan Blog DarkMatters

Best Security Podcast StormCast Fried Security Podcast Dot Com/Paul’s Security Weekly Podcast Now Biz

Best Blog Post of the Year Attack Attribution in Cyberspace - Bruce Schneier Data on Attributing the Sony Attack - Bruce Schneier Hacker Looks at 40- Dave Shakleford of the firewall series - Firemon Blog hack was the work of SPECTRE - Robert Graham the Beginning There was Full Disclosure - Space Rogue Blog

Best Corporate Security Blog TripWire State of Security Micro Security Blog Naked Security Blog Adversary Manifesto Attack blog Alien Vault Blogs    <- That's us! Future Blog

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